Professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Search engines use algorithms to determine which are the best quality and most relevant websites to list in response to a search query. There are numerous factors involved in the assessment of quality and relevance to determine its SEO ranking. These include the addition of regularly updated, useful content, the quality (not simply volume) of links to your website, page load time, the use of descriptive titles, and much more. Our objective with our Search Engine Optimization services is to help you to meet your business goals using a Search Engine Optimization Marketing plan to deliver the changes needed to make your website fully SEO optimized and responsive to mobile devices on the internet.

1. Situation Analysis – Complete an SEO audit to determine how your website is currently performing with SEO, learn what would prevent your site from having good SEO rankings on the major search engines with the web design layout and text of your current website.

2. Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking – Research successfully ranked competitor sites to help you understand their SEO optimized tactics.

3. On Site Optimization – Creating and implementing the latest SEO practices to your Company’s online content.

4. Off Site Optimization (Link Building) – Obtaining quality links to your website

5. Site Submission – XML Sitemap creation and Submission in webmaster tools Google & Bing.

A. Submit Sitemap and monitor over 1 month to see how search engines are crawling site and correct errors.

B. Installation of Google Webmaster tools and Bing Webmaster tools.

6. Fix Meta Content – Correct Meta Descriptions, Page titles & Keywords sitewide for current pages on site.

7. Creating relevant captions for Alt tags surrounding the website images that include targeted search keyword phrase(s).

8. Manual Search Engine Submission – Ensure that your site is submitted manually to all major search engines.

9. Social Bookmarking – Add ability to share & interact via Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest current social media accounts that are in place.